Green guidance movement in France – workshop in Marseille

We participated and contributed to the organisation of the first meeting of french working group around green and sustainable guidance that was held in Marseille 6/7 June : “Green Guidance? Towards sustainable professional lives?“. The french informal working group “Green Guidance – towards sustainable professional lives” was constituted in september 2023. The group explores and documents several subjects: The group […]

Experiential Pedagogy and Gamification in Career Guidance

In today’s rapidly changing job market, traditional methods of career guidance are proving inadequate. To effectively prepare young people and adults for the evolving labour market under the pressure of digitalisation and climate transition, innovative approaches such as experiential pedagogy and gamification are becoming increasingly important. These methodologies not only engage learners more deeply but also provide practical, hands-on experiences […]

Training of guidance counsellors from Serbia

In May 2023 we were happy to welcome 5 guidance counsellors from Branko Pesic school in Serbia, who have a significant experience in working with vulnerable Roma youth. We organized a 10-day training in the provision of bilan de compétences or “competence balance”. The training was focused on basic counselling micro-techniques, the tools and methods of the bilan de compétences […]